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LCUSA Lambretta Jamboree Seattle 2018 July 19-22nd

Good Day. I'm going to be traveling to Seattle on Friday the 19th of July for the LCUSA's annual knee's up I'll be back at work and shipping parts out again as normal on Tuesday 23rd of July. If you would like me to bring any parts to Seattle with me let me know. I'll have a selection of parts like spark plugs, caps, HT wire, inner tubes, cable inners, trunnions and oils. There will not be a for sale stand just ask round for me or give me a call or ask at Hotel reception. So the last day I'll...

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Due to scumbags, we all suffer.

Okay  Starting today. New customers paying with credit card are going to need to sign for there 1st delivery of parts. This added expense is on me.  I'm getting pissed off with the attempted scamming orders and credit card charge back. Not only does the company lose the parts shipped the payment is also taken out and a whopping fee taken by the credit card company. It's far cheeper for me to pay the one off fee of adding signed for delivery than the total loss of parts, shipping, payment and what turned out to be a 30% of sale...

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New Parts

As of today 21st April 2018 my pallet of GT and Scootopia parts arrived in Portland Oregon awaiting clearance and delivery. Shipment of parts from the Scooter Center also arrived in Portland today I expect delivery of these on Monday or Tuesday. Looks like next week will be a busy week. Rob

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No Shipping on Saturday 10th of March.

Taking a weekend away with my good lady.  Going to spend some much needed time with my wife after her last deployment and her pending future deployment in April. I'll be back working as normal  on Monday the 12th.  Other than that. My Scootopia order is ready to be shipped out from the UK, it's just waiting on its traveling buddy from Gran Turismo to arrive at Scootopia and they will be shipped out together.  Rob

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No Shipping 20th Jan 2018

There will unfortunately be no shipping this coming Saturday 20th Jan. I need to be Babysitting contractors whom are having to re do a shoddy siding job. So i'll be away from the shop and unable to get shipments out, I'll be back working as normal on Monday. Rob 

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