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Scooters Originali parts are being shipped out by ScootersO Pacific in WA

As some of you know I'm presently shipping parts out for the Scooters Originali web-store.

Both Gene and Andrea have moved to the UK and I'm taking over the Scooter Originali website and domain name.

Scooters Originali's Vespa and Lambretta stock was shipped to me on the 6th August and I'm presently working my way through boxes of parts and getting vespa parts back on line. This is a slow process when one has pallets of parts to unpack, parts to identify and stock to take.

At this moment in time I only have Admin access on Scooters Originali, you'll see when I have total control because the website will change as I build one website out of the ScootersO Pacific and Scooters Originali and I'll migrate all parts into one website.

This all takes time,

However both websites are up and running and shipping out parts from my shop in Washington.


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