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November is fast approaching!

November is fast approaching and so is the websites 1st anniversary.

A big thanks to all my customers and all those whom have supported me including but not limited to Built To Last Scooter Restorations whom I'd like to thank for the photos, the lending of a Jet for ride outs and all the beer consumed.

A Big Thanks to Gene at Scooters Originali for his help getting me off the ground running.

Winter is the time to get those Scooters ready for summer next year, so this is the best time to get those motors rebuilt, new bearing and seals, new cables installed and all those little jobs you just haven't got round to buttoning up yet. 

If you can't do it yourself send it to somebody who can and get yourself ready for the road.

In the meantime I'm trying to get a decent selection of high quality parts so my stock is slowly growing. I'm adding some out of stock Gran Turismo 60mm Cranks and I've Vespa clutch and cable parts also over the Atlantic on there way to me as I'm writing this.

I've also about done on my latest Scootopia wish list so in the next day or so I'll be sending that off, restock and some new parts, so once again if anything is needed let me know and if its not on my wish list I'll add it. Unfortunately no seat frames.

There will also be new parts offered by Gran Turismo in 2017 if everything goes to plans. No I can't tell you, but keep a look out for announcements on their Facebook page. 

My Vespa Stock is slowly growing I'm adding parts as finances allow. So if you'd like me to carry more parts let me know what you'd like and buy something as the money goes back into adding more stock.

I'm also doing some building, presently dry building a S2 L150,Jet200 and a LIS150 plus I've started on an engine for myself Spanish 150 case machined to 200 and it's going to run an Avanti TT3 225 kit LI 150 gearbox with a 47/18 crown wheel / sprocket combination Case is ported and parts are being collected and shall be built at my leisure AKA not doing something else for someone else.

I also order in parts from the UK and Germany all the time so If you would like parts specially ordered and added to my inbound shipments contact me.

I will ship parts into Canada and do so, the best way to do this is make a list and email it to me then I can get an exact shipping rate, I have no problem at all creating a Draft order for you and working out the shipping rate, to set up a Canadian shipping rate on my store for the moment is a non starter I'll need to set aside a load of time and see what I can sort out, It may well be necessary to pay more for the next tier of service by my provider to do so however the difference is quite substantial so this will need looking into.

Lastly a big shout out and many thanks to the LCUSA for the Goody Bag that arrived over the weekend. 

Ride Safe....



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