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Due to scumbags, we all suffer.


Starting today.

New customers paying with credit card are going to need to sign for there 1st delivery of parts.

This added expense is on me. 

I'm getting pissed off with the attempted scamming orders and credit card charge back.

Not only does the company lose the parts shipped the payment is also taken out and a whopping fee taken by the credit card company.

It's far cheeper for me to pay the one off fee of adding signed for delivery than the total loss of parts, shipping, payment and what turned out to be a 30% of sale fee to the credit card company.

You know I'd like to be kissed before being shafted.

However - Having a delivery address of a vacant factory in Virginia while the credit cards is registered in Texas sets of alarm bells and the order cancelled.

Every new customer goes into a search engine and facebook as does the delivery address if it's not the same as the Billing address. If I find you and you have an interest in Lambretta and Vespa Scooters all the better.

Come on guys go Rob a Bank the money is insured and leave small businesses alone, my CC payments for parts are not insured.



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