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The days are getting longer!

2016 and the days are getting longer, recovered from Christmas and the New Year, its not going to be to long before folks in the Northern States will be able to get their Scoots out. 

I've a nagging little voice in my ear telling me to get my arse back in the gym and no its not the wife.

Today has been a quiet day so far, the lull before the storm.

The parts that have been crawling across the country to me arrived in Portland over the weekend, I'll get them tomorrow, almost a week later than the ETA given me by the Shipping Co. It is what it is as the weather has been Shite.

So tomorrow will be all hands on deck which is the Dog and I.

Stock taking and loading the parts and weights onto the website, most is already done just need to make sure the quantity is correct and then load the items weight and make the items visible online.

I've been playing with the website adding links to parts on one page from another page. So I'm slowly getting the hang of the Tech stuff.

USPS are also raising their shipping costs in a few days time so I'm sorry to say I'll need to do the same, they are also changing some other stuff, so I'll need to make sure the shipping programs stay in sync with each other.

I'm also going to be finishing off plumbing the LP air system for tools and my blaster. I've rigged up a cooling system for the LP air coming out of the compressor with 70+ feet of black pipe, built a radiator like system that runs vertically up and down 4 times with a drain at the bottom of each and a filter at the outlet, need to lift it into place and secure it before plumbing the flexyhose.

I suffered badly from water ingress and blasting just became wast of time.

So be warned the cost of shipping is going up, however I am working on actual shipping costs rather than purchase priced based shipping. Just need to get all the weights and as Scootopia are bringing out more parts this year I just seem to be treading water in that respect.




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