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Coming Christmas already.

Summer has been and gone, what happened to Autumn it went from scorching summer to winter rain and flooding I think all the leaves fell in a day, 6 weeks of non stop drizzle I know its the PNW and its wet but come on, even the Rose bushes are wondering what the hell happened as they still have flowers trying to bloom. 

The long drag of starting up the business passed as quickly as the summer did, the hurry up and wait passed with the arrival of the 1st shipment of parts.

All the prep work of shelving and getting 120 tons of gravel dropped and graded for the road to the workshop and store, sheetrocking the office and the insulation and chip boarding the shop all seams to be a distant memory now.

The first shipment was 450lbs of parts and was an "Oh Shit" moment, still I got everything boxed, all the parts boxes labeled and the website finished it could do with a little refining but I'm also a little impatient and I know it will get better as time passes and my understanding of the tech side improves.

What used to take me ages, now I can run through. Swapping from a Mac to a PC has drove me nuts, as has the fact the PC's keyboard is offset and if I drift away and type I find my muscle memory has me typing one key over to the left.

The 2nd major shipment is due soon it's in the USA awaiting its last leg on its way to me, this is a smaller shipment of 250lbs mostly new production vintage Vespa parts and a smaller number of Classic Lambretta Parts.

Shipping takes a while as the parts come from the UK by ship to the East Coast then trucked over to me, at times one forgets about the distance it's traveling custom clearance etc etc.

I am going to be getting some of the newer Lambretta parts in a separate shipment around the New Year, Carbs and Carb kits, Looking forward to seeing these as the quality i'm told is spot on with the original, so much so the parts are interchangeable with the original.

Scootopia will be bringing out lots of new parts for 2016 what exactly I'm not telling you.

If I told you I'd have to kill you. LOL

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