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Blue Skies

An uplifting day after all the crappy weather of the winter.
The Scooter Rally Season is fast approaching, I hope everybody got their Scoots ready over the winter, got all those "I'll leave it until later" little jobs finished off.
Off the top of my head I think the 1st one up this way is over on the Strange side of the Columbia river in Portland OR, kicking off on April fools day.
What a day for a Portland Rally. hahahahahahaaaa 
I shouldn't laugh but that tickles me for some reason, I get visions of staring in a Portlandia episode but then again I get that feeling driving South on the 5 or 205 anyway,
I wish I'd never seen the program as I've been permanently disturbed by it.
That's about it really, been adding parts to the shop and spend most of my time on a quest for new parts.
Looks like 2016 is going to be a great year, I'll be adding new production Scootopia parts to the shop both Vespa and Lambretta.
We also have lots of new much needed parts coming out made by many of the great Lambretta parts producers.
Well  that's about your lot.
Safe Riding.

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